José Martí: guide and inspiration

José Martí: guide and inspiration
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28 January 2022
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José Martí continues being an inspiration. José Martí continues being the guide. 169 years after his birthday, José Martí leads the way.

It may seem strange that a man from the 19th century continues to be fundamental core of a nation’s project. But we must actually seek deep in our essence the reasons behind that ideology.

We do wrong if we assume Martí from a non-critical repetition of a set of phrases, which are most of the times taken out of context.

We shall take Martí as he is, and understand him amid an intense dialogue according to circumstances. His are not formulas; are actually assumptions that may be used in a dialectic relation with the given time.

It might seem that some of Martí’s ideas may be unfurled by individuals with opposed, unbridgeable ideals on the political spectrum.

And, obviously, in its most superficial dimension, it is possible.

But enough to understand the huge apostleship of our National Hero to dismiss any blend with openly reactionary thoughts.

José Martí led by example. His idea of a republic with all and for the good of all was the most progressive vision of his time.

Of course there are specific concepts that have been overtaken by practice, but never fundamental assumptions.

Finding the fundamental ideology of José Martí in the most authentic and current theory of the leftist thinking is more than a possibility; it is the concretion of most of his lines of thought.

The Cuban Revolution (understood in its permanent progression) has to be Marti’s Revolution. Marti’s ideals must lead the way for the sort of republic we want to build. And the dream of a prosperous and sustainable socialism will never come into contradiction with Martí’s so often postponed dream.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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