Iran rejects statements against it over maritime incidents

Iran rejects statements against it over maritime incidents
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5 August 2021
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Tehran, Aug 5 (Prensa Latina) Iran rejected today statements seeking to identify it as the author of suspicious incidents with oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.
Iranian ambassador to the United Kingdom, Mohsen Baharvand, sent a letter to the International Maritime Organization, in which he protested against such baseless accusations.

Baharvand's statement, released here, called on the international community to ignore the false comments and avoid taking them into account.

All these formulations, he subscribed, are politically motivated with the aim of creating instability and damaging the safety of maritime navigation.

In the diplomat's opinion, the adventurous and biased behavior of some countries violates principles of UN Charter, in an attempt to create chaos in the region.

Baharvand called for everyone to adhere to international law, including the international convention on maritime safety, and to condemn such destabilizing practices.

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