Inspiration, Hope and Love

Inspiration, Hope and Love
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11 October 2021
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Collage Habana Art Gallery, attached to the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets (FCBC), is hosting these days the exhibition Aliento, which collects art works made by artists Zaida del Río and Cristhian González-Tellez.

From the minimalist expressionism from González-Tellez —you will notice the complex nature of the work right away, though— to the wonderful explosion of colors and forms of Zaida del Río’s birds-like women: this exhibition proposes a trip from the loneliness resulting from the isolation (which is also a thought-provoking soul-searching) to the Baroque expression of hope and freedom.

It is the best way to portray feelings marked by circumstances. It is the succinctness of a vital inspiration, as explained in the name of the exhibition. And it is also a joyous reunion of two artists, mother and son, a prodigal convergence, a suggestive dialogue clung to clear metaphors. You must see this exhibition.

Cristhian affirms that he reenacts tough times, which we can associate to this pandemic, but actually go beyond. It is a reflection on some of his individual’s passage, which could very well be dark, subjected to more or less intimate drama. But watch out, there is hope here and there in the notes of colors and the evanescence of forms.

And here, the public arrives at Zaida’s fertile and thriving world, which is inhabited by these fabulous creatures, which mix up with the glades, part of them. Life in the prime of nature, a feast for all the senses! According to Zaida, these women also wear masks, but not to hide their feelings, but to denote a spirit of freedom.

Mother and son have not stopped working these months and this exhibition is the perfect example of the richness of the spirit. A novelty, the beautiful bronze sculptures created by Zaida, which are complemented, as beings in a particular atmosphere, with Cristhian’s visuality. These arts of poetry converge with no drama. It is, in short, the ability of love.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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