Initiative by three U.S. senators against Cuba condemned in Italy

Initiative by three U.S. senators against Cuba condemned in Italy
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20 June 2020
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The National Association of Italian-Cuban Friendship (Anaic) on Saturday condemned the presentation of a bill by three U.S. senators aimed at sanctioning countries that request medical assistance from the Caribbean nation.

In a statement released in Rome, the Anaic points out that "we have reached the absurdity of an independent nation having to submit to extraterritorial laws lacking any legal value," in line with the foreign policy of the United States "based essentially on the theft of resources from sovereign countries and the ambition of being the world's gendarme."

"For Republican Senators Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and Ted Cruz "it is more important to invent something among thousands of falsehoods, to strike out at Cuba, than to safeguard the health of millions of people all over the world," the text states.

After highlighting the work of Cuban health collaborators in dozens of countries, the Italian association warns that "this new attack on Cuban medical solidarity" is taking place while a great campaign is being carried out internationally in favor of granting the Nobel Peace Prize to Cuban medical personnel serving abroad.


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