Havana, the guest of honor at Argentina’s book fair

Havana, the guest of honor at Argentina’s book fair
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2 December 2021
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Buenos Aires, Dec 2 (Prensa Latina) At a meeting postponed since 2020, the International Book Fair of Argentina announced its return to life in person in April 2022, with Havana as the guest of honor.

Many difficult months have passed since 2019, when Barcelona passed command to Havana as a guest. Nobody imagined that Covid-19, still turning in the world, would upset everything, but the fair even went ahead in a virtual way and Cuba was present through several writers at a meeting that was broadcast on public television.

Now, Havana will show its best clothes at the meeting, which will take place from April 26 to May 16, 2022.

This was confirmed at a press conference by the Minister of Culture Tristan Bauer, at the Kirchner Cultural Center, where Fundacion El Libro, the organizer of the meeting, said that the Argentinean writer Guillermo Saccomanno, author of Camara Gesell and Soy la Peste, will deliver the opening speech.

Ready to resume one of the largest literary events in Latin America, organizers broke the good news of the event in its 46th edition, which will be held again at La Rural exhibition space, with the participation of several nations and more than 1,500 cultural events.

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