Granma: What is at stake is Cuba's right to defend itself against foreign aggression

Granma: What is at stake is Cuba's right to defend itself against foreign aggression
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13 October 2021
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Havana, October 13 (RHC)— An editorial by Granma newspaper, the official voice of the Communist Party of Cuba, followed up on Wednesday on the latest attempts to destabilize the island and its Revolution.

On Tuesday, several local authorities delivered letters to the organizers of counterrevolutionary marches initially planned for November 20, denying permissions for their celebration for contravening the Constitution.

Under the title "Reason is our Shield," the editorial denounced the explicit and provocative participation of the U.S. government in the organization of this subversive attempt, with high government officials directly involved in its promotion and, with the support of the special services. 

The text noted that an important instrument in this effort, though not the only one, is the U.S. embassy in Cuba, whose public statements often include blatant meddling in the nation's internal affairs.

That office, added Granma, has not fulfilled any diplomatic role for years. It does not even serve to provide immigration and consular services that citizens of both countries demand and depend on.

The editorial stated that its officials, including its Chargé d'Affaires, are forced to play the unworthy role of babysitters of the counterrevolutionary exponents and provocateurs in the country, with the thankless task of falling in behind them, providing them with logistical and material support, as well as advice and guidance." Everything is known and documented. "

The paper asserted that such behavior is in total contravention of international law, particularly the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

"With such sponsors and declared purposes, it is challenging to presume civility and pacifism in the actions called for November. Much less of legitimate and sovereign intentions."

What is at stake here, stressed the editorial, and there should be no doubt in anyone's mind, is Cuba's right to defend itself against foreign aggression, regardless of the disguise it takes.

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