Grammy winner Ne-Yo says George Floyd changed the world for the better

Grammy winner Ne-Yo says George Floyd changed the world for the better
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10 June 2020
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Houston, June 10 (RHC)-- Grammy-winning singer Ne-Yo said George Floyd's death was a sacrifice that "changed the world" before performing during his memorial service.

Ne-Yo shed tears on Tuesday while singing a rendition of G.C. Cameron’s "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday."  The singer paused on a few occasions to collect himself during his performance.

"Fifty states are protesting at the same time," he said.  "This man changed the world.  He changed the world for the better.  I would like to personally thank George Floyd for his sacrifice, so that my kids could be all right later on.  I appreciate the sacrifice.  I genuinely do."

In related news, the Reverend Al Sharpton told mourners at the funeral for George Floyd that he and other supporters of the slain Minneapolis man will return to the city where he died when those responsible face judgment in court.

"We will be back in Minneapolis, when the trial starts," Sharpton said, "because you have the police union on one side, but the righteous is gonna be on the other side of that court."

Delivering the main eulogy at the funeral, the New York civil rights activist called Floyd's death more than a tragedy. It was, he said, a crime.  "Until these people pay for what they did, we will be there with them because lives like George Floyd will not matter until somebody pays the cost for taking their lives."

"Your family will miss you but your nation will always remember your name," he said, referring to George Floyd.

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