Gente de Zona in the Dependence Day to Miami

Gente de Zona in the Dependence Day to Miami
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9 October 2020
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The illusion to realize its dreams against Cuba is something that has characterized the failure of the anti-Cuban mafia in Miami in the last 60 years. To achieve it and up to this day, they have sought the assistance of a huge propaganda machine, which with the help of lies, only served to hide their frustrations.

Apparently, no one is more innocent than those accepting or believing — either for impudence, opportunism, or silliness — the absurd lie with which Trump’s electoral campaign in Florida aims to lure voters for the upcoming US presidential elections. Those accepting the lie that the opposing candidate, Joe Biden, will turn the US into a new Cuba or Venezuela, have actually no idea of how the US policies work, or were not lucky enough to become literate in Cuba in 1961, or they are just pretending to be fools.

The fact that some representatives within the US elites underestimate the wisdom of the electorate and manipulate them as if they were children, is something common in the US election process. It is nothing new either that some groups rather bow in order to preserve certain individual agendas.

The best example is the so-called Miami mafia, which refuses to get detached from the Anti-Cuban industry, especially in election time, when a group of politicians takes advantages of it to blackmail the contending parties with their support.

To prove it, some of the people aiming at perpetuating this lucrative business, are announcing the celebration in Miami of the Free Cuba Fest, to be held at the Miami Marine Stadium next October 10th. According to promoters, the goal is “to condemn the situation of scarcity going on in Cuba amid this pandemic, the increased repression, injustice in prisons and the dire health conditions of political prisoners.”

According to the mafia’s official newspaper, El Nuevo Herald, “urban artists like Gente de Zona, Chocolate, Raudel Collazo and Escuadrón Patriota, Dayamí La Musa and El Único; as well as radio and television celebrities like Boncó Quiñongo and Judith González “Magdalena la Pelúa,” will join forces at the stage with media terrorists in the guise of influencers like Alexander Otaola, Chucho del Chucho and actor Roberto San Martín,” in the most recent self-satisfying event to be held in Miami.

Organized by the also “plastic artist” terrorist Ana Olema, same woman who financed criminal actions against busts of José Martí in several places of Havana early this year, the event will be “paying tribute” to leaders of the failed cause, both inside and outside the island. Everything points that the Free Cuba Fest will highlight the public submission of popular reggaeton duet Gente de Zona before the mediocre, allegedly influencer Alexander Otaola, who had organized, months earlier, a campaign of hatred to banish the duet from Miami after they showed gratitude to the Cuban president for attending a live concert — also featuring popular Italian singer Laura Pausini — performed in Havana.

The event promoters say again and again that Alexander Delgado — leader of Gente de Zona — finally stated: “I want to see food in abundance for the Cuban people. I want the Cuban police stopped abusing the citizens. I want my people to have a right medical care.”

Who said some reggaeton artists cannot bow before any buffoon’s blackmail?

The truth is none of these influencers, who support every decision made by the US government to suffocate citizens in Cuba, have no real evidence of people in Cuba dying from starvation. Similarly, it is ridiculous to criticize police abuse from the very same country where thousands of individuals — coincidentally of Alexander’s same race —  are assassinated by the police every year. And if we talk about medical care, they better express concern about 200,000+ victims of COVID-19 in the US.

So it is hardly surprising that those who order to dishonor the busts of José Martí, from Miami, have chosen the symbolic date of October 10th to profit from the suffering of the Cuban family. To those wretches who line their pockets at the expenses of the Trump’s campaign in Florida and pretend to care about the United States, they care nothing about the independence or dignity of Cuba. Buzzards of their type only care for one homeland: that of maliciousness.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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