Gas service in Havana goes on safely and as normal

Gas service in Havana goes on safely and as normal
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11 May 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, May 10 (ACN) Officials of the Havana Manufactured Gas Enterprise (EGM) assured today that the service remains stable and safe despite the accidental explosion at the Saratoga Hotel while a tanker truck with liquefied gas was supplying the facility.

EGM director-general Argelia Reytor Suñer said that they are prepared for any eventuality and have increased the number of fully equipped work brigades from four to 15.

As to whether there has been a rising number of gas leaks following the explosion, the engineer said that in every case the specialists go to the relevant sites to check for possible problems and confirmed that the manufactured gas production plants in the city are in good condition and no leaks have been reported in the areas surrounding the hotel.

However, she pointed out, the sensitivity of the issue deserves a thorough investigation by a multidisciplinary team of the possible causes of the unfortunate incident at the Saratoga, which destroyed the front and side facades of its lower floors and damaged other adjacent buildings.

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