G-7 tries to consolidate bloc against Russia and China

G-7 tries to consolidate bloc against Russia and China
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27 June 2022
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Berlin, Jun 27 (Prensa Latina) Gathered for a second day at Elmau Castle in Bavaria, the group of the seven most important industrialized nations is trying on Monday to iron out frictions to consolidate a bloc against Russia and China, amid a global crisis.

The top leaders of the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Japan, the United States, Italy and Germany, the host country, launched the “global partnership in infrastructure,” an initiative to raise some 600 billion dollars for middle and low-income countries before 2027. Analysts recall that many of the states that would be included in the above-mentioned range are or were subject to severe sanctions by the Western powers themselves, while the project seems to be aimed at reducing the effect of China’s One Belt One Road proposal.

A new virtual speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is scheduled for this day, this time in front of the Group of Seven (G-7), whose members were accompanied on Sunday by the protests of some 4,000 people near the aforementioned mountainous locality.

One of the objectives of the high-level meeting seems to have been defined on Sunday by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who called on his colleagues to remain united on the Ukraine issue, especially, referring to the position on arms supplies and sanctions to Russia.

Some European nations such as France are calling to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Ukraine, where Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on February 24 the launch of a war operation to demilitarize and denazify the neighboring country.

Others, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, are radically in favor of a confrontation “to the last Ukrainian.” Thus, US President Joe Biden referred to the possibility of supplying Kiev with medium and short-range anti-missile systems.

Russia considers that sending arms to Ukraine will only prolong the conflict, after which the West implemented 10,000 punitive measures.

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