French solidarity association plans to intensify its support of Cuba

French solidarity association plans to intensify its support of Cuba
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5 January 2023
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Paris, Jan 5 (Prensa Latina) This year,2023,the "Cuba Si France" association announced new actions of solidarity with Cuba against the US blockade.

The agenda of the organization will be focused on donations, activities and fund raisings, a spokesperson told Prensa Latina.

“During 2023 we will be part of a great national project of material solidarity with Cuba and its people, the details of which we will report shortly,” said a spokesperson for the association.

At the beginning of the year, Cuba Si France will deliver two thousand euros to MediCuba-Suiza, an entity recognized for its work in supporting the Cuban health system.

According to the organization, its honorary president, the deputy and communist leader André Chassaigne, will be working this year on a book on Cuba, and the profits obtained from its sale will be spent entirely in supporting Cuba.

With regard to some of the actions carried out last year,one that stood out was the collection of 18,000 euros in response to tragedies suffered by Cuba , particularly the explosion at the Saratoga Hotel in Havana and the devastating passage of hurricane Ian through the west of the country.

The efforts made to send this money to Cuba once again demonstrated the extraterritorial effect of the US blockade in Europe and France, as well as the fear of banks to participate in transactions related to Cuba for fear of Washington’s sanctions.

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