French deputies ask government to authorize Cuban-made vaccines

French deputies ask government to authorize Cuban-made vaccines
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26 January 2022
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Paris, Jan 26 (Prensa Latina) A group of 26 French deputies urged their government to authorize the use of Cuban-made Covid-19 vaccines, especially in overseas territories that request it.

A letter was sent to Prime Minister Jean Castex asking that this possibility be evaluated as soon as possible, as well as to define the decision modalities in this regard.

According to the signing parliamentarians, the positive image that Cuba offers in terms of health and the technology used by Cuba in its Abdala and Soberana 02 vaccines “would be able to reassure a part of our compatriots in overseas territories.

The parlamentarians pointed out the distrust in said regions after the suffering caused to their inhabitants by the Chlordecone scandal and the nuclear tests, events to which they partly attributed the refusal to be vaccinated and the low immunization rates.

The letter sent to Castex was signed by 19 members of various parties of the France-Cuba Friendship Group of the National Assembly, led by its president François-Michel Lambert, and seven deputies who do not belong to it, including the communist leader and presidential candidate Fabien Roussel.

“In this pandemic, we share the idea of a vaccination strategy for the French as broad as possible with the aim of containing Covid-19, and access to Abdala and Soberana 02, both in the process of being certified by the World Health Organization, would allow to increase the rate of protection of our population,” they stated.

The Cuban ambassador to France, Otto Vaillant, spoke this Wednesday with several of the deputies promoting the initiative, whom he thanked for their solidarity with the island.

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