Former President Rafael Correa condemns President Noboa´s actions

Former President Rafael Correa condemns President Noboa´s actions
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9 April 2024
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Former President Rafael Correa condemned on Monday the Ecuadorian police rais at the Mexican embassy in Quito in order to arrest former vice president Jorge Glas and also denounced the lawfare against him.

In an interview granted to Página 12 newspaper, Correa accused current Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa of greatly damaging Ecuador´s prestige and defended Glas’ honesty.

In the last seven years, Ecuador has become the main exporter of cocaine to Europe and one of the most dangerous states in the world. Now, in addition, we are breaking into embassies and kidnapping asylum seekers. We look like a country of barbarians, he said.

Glas was kidnapped and put in a high-security prison in solitary confinement. If anyone had any doubts about whether he was politically persecuted, the clumsiness and hatred of Noboa’s government dispelled them, Correa added.

Plus, Correa claimed that President Noboa “flagrantly broke the Penal Code, committed a crime and the lawfare is more in force than ever”.

Glas is the greatest demonstration of political persecution because they did not even do that with a drug trafficker. The most dangerous of the country escaped in front of them and was never in a high security prison or surrounded by tanks, he said.

Likewise, Correa considered that, in order to try to mend relations with Mexico, Noboa should apologize and grant a safe-conduct to former vice-president.

What happened could be cause for war. If they had broken into the American embassy, the United States would have invaded us by now. Thank God they have a very sensible government in Mexico and they knew how to react, he said.

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