Flora Fong’s magical landscape

Flora Fong’s magical landscape
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19 February 2024
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Flora Fong, 2022 National Award-winner on Plastic Arts, is exhibiting at the Cuban Art Building of the National Museum of Fine Arts her exhibition Territorios mágicos (Magical Landscapes), a thorough overview of many of her stages as a creator.

But beyond stylistic variations, this exhibition shows a crystal-clear core: a firm commitment to landscape, seen as a cultural converging point.

Flora commences with her ancestors — of Chinese origin —, and reveals that sensitivity in the patterns of this Caribbean island. There is no imposition. The blending is just perfect. An evocative atmosphere is actually found, a dreamed setting marked by the palette’s liveliness.

There is no trace of copying in this wonderful replication of nature. Palms suggest ideograms. The flowers, whose colors blur lines, the noble creatures integrated into the framework…are all blended in a universe of very particular dynamics: time in Flora Fong’s creations has a quite different meaning.

The exhibition, curated by Laura Arañó, will be on place until May 12th.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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