Evo Morales denounces US involvement in interventions and coups

Evo Morales denounces US involvement in interventions and coups
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25 July 2022
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La Paz, Jul 25 (Prensa Latina) Former Bolivian President Evo Morales on Monday denounced the involvement of high-ranking officials from the Government of the United States in the conception and implementation of interventions and coups d'état in Latin America and the world.

Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief James Woolsey admited that the United States has intervened and attempted against democracy with coups d’état, Morales wrote on Twitter.

The Bolivian head of State between 2006 and 2019 criticized the justifications by US agents, who use phrases such as “a good cause” and the “interest of the capitalist system” to erect an interfering discourse and bring about changes in governments not in line with their hegemonic pretensions on the planet.

Just like (John) Bolton, former advisor to (Donald) Trump, (Woolsey) revealed that the United States is the worst enemy of peace in the world, noted Morales, who was a victim of a coup d’état in 2019, which was meticulously planned from Washington, as he assured on multiple occasions.

It should be recalled that just a few days ago, Bolton publicly acknowledged, in an interview with CNN, that the United States plans and carries out coups d’état in the countries it chooses.

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