Elections are a victory for dialogue and peace in Venezuela

Elections are a victory for dialogue and peace in Venezuela
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25 November 2021
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Caracas, Nov 25 (Prensa Latina) The November 21 elections in Venezuela are a political victory of the strategy of dialogue, reconciliation and peace promoted by President Nicolas Maduro, legislator Roy Daza said.

The parliamentarian of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) asserted that the electoral process was a clear victory for those who “proposed a way, a path to follow different to the invasion and the coup d’Etat.”

Daza, who is a member of the Special Committee for Dialogue, Reconciliation and Peace in the National Assembly (Parliament), also stated that the executive and legislative powers elected in previous elections, as well as the authorities of the National Electoral Council, have been recognized.

Venezuelans cast their votes on November 21 to elect the executive and legislative authorities of the 23 states and the nation’s 335 municipalities.

So far, the PSUV and its allies of the Great Patriotic Pole won 19 governorships, against three won by the opposition parties, while the state of Barinas remains to be adjudicated.

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