EDITORIAL: Every day for peace

EDITORIAL: Every day for peace
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22 September 2022
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In times where several world regions are affected by war conflicts, peace is still the utmost aspiration for millions of people worldwide.


To some, it seems like a dream, especially when war —triggered by different reasons— has marked universal history.


And it has been, actually, a very lucrative industry worth millions of US dollars.


If a fraction of the budget of the greatest military powers were used to mitigate some of the major humanitarian crises around the world, benefits would immediately be felt.


Worth noting that most of those crises are actually triggered by wars.


The background can be political, religious, or economic…but the consequences affect every field of life in all kinds of societies.


Peace has become a slogan or claim of political correctness from those promoting war, in response to more or less explicit interests.


They are the ones who see our planet as a great board. Victims are tokens. Many times "collateral damage."


War should not be "normalized," understood as an effect of human nature.


The permanent search for peace must be the top priority for all governments in the world. And that is Cuba’s permanent call.


But it is hypocritical to boast of a supposed defense of peace when internal conflicts are stimulated, alternative models are demonized or extreme nationalism is exalted.


Every September 21, the United Nations Organization celebrates the International Day of Peace.


The General Assembly has declared this date as the day dedicated to the strengthening of that ideal, through the 24-hours observation of no violence and ceasefire.


It is a symbolic request, which is not followed by all.


But it is clear that achieving true peace entails much more than laying down arms one day, and this is recognized by the UN.


According to the UN postulates, the construction of societies in which all its members feel that they can develop is required. And that means creating a world in which all people are treated equally.


As long as great inequalities persist, there will be no true peace. Without justice there will be no peace.


It seems like a simple equation, but it is actually a very complex challenge. It is, in fact, the great challenge of Humanity.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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