Dominican political organizations reaffirm solidarity with Cuba

Dominican political organizations reaffirm solidarity with Cuba
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12 July 2022
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Santo Domingo, Jul 12 (Prensa Latina) Dominican political parties and movements have expressed their solidarity with Cuba and on Tuesday reaffirmed their unconditional support for the island.

In a statement to which Prensa Latina had access, the signatories rejected “the odious and criminal economic, financial and commercial blockade maintained for six decades by the US imperialism against Marti’s homeland.”

They also denounced the constant and systematic conspiracy actions against the stability and peace in the Caribbean nation, rejecting actions such as those occurred in these days last year, by tiny groups financed from the northern nation.

On the other hand, they congratulated Cuba for the progress achieved in the field of scientific and technological development of medicine, by achieving the Covid-19 vaccines and other results.

Finally, they declared that “from the homeland of Luperon (Gregorio), Caamaño (Francisco) and other heroes, we are with Cuba, united in a single solidarity embrace and the commitment to the ideals of freedom, peace and independence of our peoples in struggle.”

The signatories were: Partido Movimiento Patria para Todos, Comunista del Trabajo, de la Unificación Comunista, Fuerza de la Revolución, Movimiento Popular Dominicano, Izquierda Revolucionaria and el Movimiento Caamañista.

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