Documentary on Venezuela's resistance to be screened

Documentary on Venezuela's resistance to be screened
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5 May 2021
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Caracas, May 5 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuelan people's resistance in the face of internal and external aggressions amid the Covid-19 pandemic, is the main theme of a documentary to be presented here soon, according to its makers.
Alpargata Mediatica company produced the audiovisual material entitled, 'Venezuela in Resistance,' an initiative conceived in times of Revolution, which tries to show the daily life of a country expressed in different ways, in the midst of the aggressions and the Covid-19 pandemic, its director Ernesto Segovia told Prensa Latina.

'We present a series of interviews gathered in countries such as England, Italy, Spain and the United States, which show the negative Covid-19 impact, as a consequence of erroneous government policies, in contrast to what has been achieved here with the actions taken by President Nicolas Maduro,' the renowned Venezuelan filmmaker emphasizes.

All this, he underscores, in the midst of all the internal and external aggressions that try to smother the people or destabilize the nation, as in the case of Operation Gideon.

Segovia also highlights in his material the solidarity of the Cuban government, people and healthcare personnel and their leading role in the fight against the pandemic in Venezuela.

In his exclusive statements to this agency, the filmmaker noted his ties with Cuba, 'my relationship with the country is special, I am tied to it by many things because of my father and the sad story of the crime of Barbados; besides, it is impossible to talk about Venezuela's health triumphs without mentioning Cubans and their deeds.'

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