Dirty campaign against candidates of MAS party denounced in Bolivia

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Dirty campaign against candidates of MAS party denounced in Bolivia
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8 October 2020
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Marianela Copa, a member of the Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) party, accused the coup government of promoting a broad plan of violence and sabotage against the MAS presidential and vice presidential candidates to prevent the return of democracy to the country.

"The government's false accusation of illicit enrichment against the presidential candidate of Luis Arce, are part of a dirty war," denounced the spokesperson of the organization.

The deputy minister of transparency of the de-facto government, Guido Melgar, announced a few hours before a denunciation against Arce, who was a minister of President Evo Morales, of alleged illicit enrichment, a charge based on an investigation by Attorney General Alberto Morales, questioned by those who claim that he politicizes his work in the service of the coup government.

"Between February and March, we had anticipated that we were going to suffer a series of dirty war attacks, of low caliber," added Marianela Copa.

She said that the transitional administration of Jeanine Áñez also intends to obstruct the elections and delegitimize by all means the peaceful vocation of the Bolivian people, attributing to MAS the violence exercised by irregular right-wing groups.

"A whole plan of violence and sabotage is underway to avoid the return of democracy in the country," she said, calling on the Bolivian people to be alert to the possibility of infiltrated provocateurs generating violence and to denounce them.

In the last few weeks, organized terrorist groups have carried out attacks against activities and electoral premises of the MAS, whose candidate Luis Arce is the favorite to win the elections of October 18th.


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