Diaz-Canel rejects statements by U.S. President Joe Biden at United Nations

Diaz-Canel rejects statements by U.S. President Joe Biden at United Nations
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22 September 2021
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Havana, September 22 (RHC/PL)-- The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, described defamatory comments by U.S. President Joe Biden during his speech to the United Nations as "unacceptable."

The U.S. president took a shot at Belarus, Burma, Syria, Cuba, and Venezuela, suggesting these countries are undemocratic and praising so-called human rights protesters. 

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez responded by criticizing Washington's divisive strategy saying that Biden's words lacked the moral authority to promote initiatives in favor of peace, human dignity and development in the world.

Taking to Twitter, he also warned of the far-reaching consequences of US efforts to divide the globe between those who submit to its mandates and those who defend their sovereign right to self-determination with dignity.

In his speech to the UN on Tuesday, Biden announced that the United States is "back at the table in international forums, especially the United Nations, to focus attention and stimulate global action on shared challenges."

However, according to experts, the Biden administration’s foreign policy still resembles the uncooperative and antagonistic formula of former US President and Republican, Donald Trump. 

In this regard, Bruno Rodríguez noted that the greatest threat to the United States is growing political polarization and extremism within its borders, while for Latin America the imposition of the imperialist Monroe Doctrine, constitutes the region’s most immediate danger. 


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