Diaz-Canel: Reinforcement of U.S. blockade seeks social explosion in Cuba

Diaz-Canel: Reinforcement of U.S. blockade seeks social explosion in Cuba
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9 October 2020
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel denounced on Thursday that the escalation of United States measures against Cuba seeks to promote a social explosion. These measures are aimed at electoral purposes.

According to the President, the U.S. government is increasing hostility against the island. amind the COVID-19 pandemic is intended

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel explains on national television new post-COVID-19 normalcy, this October 8, 2020

to satisfy anti-Cuban sectors in Florida in anticipation of the upcoming presidential polls in November.

The economic measures, said Diaz-Canel, are added to attacks against intellectuals, artists, and leaders of the Revolution by debating such issues as racism or recognizing the LGBTI community or women's rights.

“This campaign seeks to demonstrate administrative incompetence while hiding the advances and progress achieved by the island, attacking and discrediting the primary sources of income such as health, tourism, and remittances, among others,” he said in a television address.

In less than two years, the President said the U.S. government has announced 121 new measures against Cuba.

Of these, 54 pertain to the economic and financial blockade, and 52 are part of the extraterritorial nature of the siege, he said.

The Cuban President stressed that this context forces the nation to accelerate the implementation of the economic-social strategy planned for the Caribbean country that, among other aspects, seeks to increase industrial production and promote new forms of management.

It also proposes a transformation of agriculture and a business resizing of the system to stimulate all possible services and transform and modernize trade.


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