Díaz-Canel recalled Cuba's exclusion from the OAS

Díaz-Canel recalled Cuba's exclusion from the OAS
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31 January 2023
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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel recalled Cuba’s exclusion from the Organization of American States (OAS), which yielded to pressures exerted by the United States.

Through his Twitter account, the president stressed that this is a doubly honorable day for Cuban history, as it also commemorates the recruitment of 100,000 young people as volunteer teachers in response to the murder of educator Conrado Benítez.

In the same social network, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero pointed out that the expulsion of Cuba from the OAS "was one of the many actions, under the dictate of the U.S. government, against the nascent Cuban Revolution."

Marrero shared in another message the words of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Raúl Castro, who expressed on June 4, 2016 "that the OAS, since its foundation, was, is and will be an instrument of imperialist domination and that no reform will be able to change its nature or its history. That is why Cuba will never return to the OAS".

Cuba was expelled from the OAS during the Eighth Meeting of Consultation of Foreign Ministers of that organization, which was held in the Uruguayan resort of Punta del Este.

At that meeting, the then president Osvaldo Dorticos stated: "If the intention is to make Cuba submit to the decisions of a powerful country, in a word, to enslave a country that has won its total freedom after a century and a half of sacrifices, let it be known at once: Cuba will not capitulate".

In response to that OAS agreement, on February 4, 1962, more than one million Cubans, gathered in the capital's José Martí Revolution Square and approved the Second Declaration of Havana, which ratified the anti-imperialist character of the process of change initiated in the island on January 1, 1959. (Source: PL)

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