Cubans residing in Brazil advocate for end of US blockade

Cubans residing in Brazil advocate for end of US blockade
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18 June 2021
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Brasilia, Jun 18 (Prensa Latina) The José Martí Association of Cuban Residents in Brazil (ACRB-JM) called for the end of the blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States.
The ACRB-JM issued a public statement recalling that the United Nations General Assembly will vote on June 23rd on a resolution against the blockade, which has 'an imperialist, extraterritorial nature and in violation of international law.'

The association denounces that the blockade constitutes 'the main obstacle to the economic and social development of Cuba, and the most flagrant and massive violation of the human rights of the peoples of Our America', and regrets that on November 7th, 2019, the Government of Brazil, following orders from Washington, did not condemn the brutal unilateral measure against Cuba.

Cuba received overwhelming support that year during the vote in the UN General Assembly, when 187 member states spoke out against the blockade.

Only two countries abstained: Colombia and Ukraine; while the United States, Israel and Brazil voted against the lifting of the blockade and were isolated before the claim of the majority of the international community.

The association also pointed out that during the administration of Donald Trump the siege worsened 'through more than 200 additional actions, making the greatest possible use of financial, political, diplomatic and military power to impose on the world the prohibition of maintaining any type of relationship with Cuba'.

Cuban residents also warn that Trump's successor, Democrat Joe Biden, 'is a worthy heir and faithful follower of the policies and actions carried out against our homeland.'

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