Cuban province seeks upward tourism spiral

Cuban province seeks upward tourism spiral
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19 March 2023
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The progress of tourism in Cuba and in particular in Varadero beach resort is being assessed today in Matanzas, precisely in the western province of the country where that famous destination is located.

Local authorities are analyzing the most relevant details to place this region of the country on the first rungs of the ladder, hence they now recall that in mid-February of this year, Cuban Tourism Minister Juan Carlos Garcia presided over those analyses as part of the official strategies.

One of the focal points is the possibility that Cuba will receive more than three million foreign visitors in 2023.

The governor of the region, Mario Sabines, highlighted at the time the possibilities to generate more income by exporting services, and assured that this destination is at another level in terms of progress and needs to perform at its maximum capacity.

For the minister, what is important is to enhance the value of the security that distinguishes the country for foreign visitors, the enjoyment of its benefits, the quality of service and professional treatment.

Varadero is the most important beach in Cuba, and a great attraction for travelers arriving to the island.

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