Cuban President urges to promote participation mechanisms

Cuban President urges to promote participation mechanisms
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26 October 2021
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Havana, October 26 (RHC)-- Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel urged today to promote mechanisms of popular participation, which contribute to the improvement of government management and the search for solutions to citizens' problems.

We must constantly promote mechanisms of popular participation. It is not a concession; it is the essential element of legitimization of our Government', the President tweeted.

The call comes in a scenario marked by the revitalization of social work in the most vulnerable communities, with a program that involves the agencies of the central administration of the State, the Party, and the government in those territories, the mass and youth organizations, and local residents.

The plan of improvements in the communities impacts more than 62 neighborhoods of the capital, and authorities intend to extend it to other localities of the country. The transformations make it possible to provide solutions to citizens' complaints and suggestions, based on the determination of priorities and the approval of the changes by the Municipal Assembly of People's Power, the Cuban President recently explained.

In addition, the head of state advocated strengthening the link between local representatives and the community and developing projects with a high socio-cultural impact.

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