Cuban president stresses relevance of new Operation Truth

Cuban president stresses relevance of new Operation Truth
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14 February 2024
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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel expressed on Tuesday the urgency of articulating the world's leftist forces to develop revolutionary actions against the ideological offensive of capitalism, in a new Operation Truth.

Speaking at the Second Meeting of Theoretical Publications, Parties and Movements of the Left, the president stressed the importance of the New Operation Truth forum, organized by the Latin American news agency Prensa Latina in January of this year.

This meeting was aimed at recalling, on its 65th anniversary, the initiative of the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, to refute the campaign of slander launched against the nascent Cuban Revolution.

At the New Operation Truth forum, which gathered in Havana more than 60 participants from some thirty nations, Prensa Latina committed itself to establish a media articulation in defense of the peoples of the global South.

According to the Cuban leader, the meeting allowed for a comprehensive and integral reflection on the enormous validity of the response action led by Fidel Castro at that time, the current challenges and the need for the unity of left-wing forces to defend the revolutionary cause.

In times of social networks, of intensity in the media debate, of cultural colonization, we must find in practice the path of the great Operation Truth to be shared by the forces of the left, the revolutionary forces at the international level, he said.

In this sense, he called to develop an international movement in function of a new Operation Truth, taking advantage of the variety and integrality of the leftist forces: political parties, political editorials, social movements, community movements present at the II Meeting of Theoretical Publications of the Left.We defend common positions and we must find ways to lead the lines of thought and action, he affirmed.  


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