Cuban President Encourages Recovery Actions at Fire-affected Oil Depot

Cuban President Encourages Recovery Actions at Fire-affected Oil Depot
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16 August 2022
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said there is hard work to do over the next few days at the industrial zone and oil depot affected by a massive fire earlier this month in this city.

During a meeting with national and provincial authorities in western Matanzas city, the head of state indicated to follow the timetable for recovery actions to reanimate the areas burned down by the blaze.

He was also interested in following up the medical assistance of people affected by the blaze impact and indicated to inform the people about any environmental hazard.

Cuban Minister for Science, Technology and the Environment, Elba Rosa Perez said that a national expert team along with the public health system and local specialists in Matanzas province is considering the environmental impact by the blaze and there is no sign of possible threat for the health of the people.

Diaz-Canel insisted that authorities should keep in contact with the relatives of the missing persons while he was also interested in the lab research actions with mortal remains collected at the fire site.

Matanzas’ Governor Mario Sabines said 68 people are still evacuated, most of them will return to their homes soon.

Communist Party first secretary in the province, Susely Morfa said that the temporary working team holds a briefing every day to report on the tasks to be carried out each day so to advance the recovery process.

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