Cuban President denounces actions against Buena Fe duo in Spain

Cuban President denounces actions against Buena Fe duo in Spain
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25 May 2023
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Havana, May 25 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, today joined the protests from the island due to the new actions and provocations against "Buena Fe duo"and its group in Spain.

‘They say that the haters who tried to boycott #BuenaFe in Spain, claimed loudly that I supported them in a tweet. Hatred does not allow them to know that #BuenaFeSomosTodos’, (We are all Buena Fe), the Cuban leader stressed on his Twitter account.

Cuba’s Ministry of Culture called a press conference for Thursday afternoon so as to clearly express the condemnation from artists and writers, organizations of creators and cultural institutions, against the physical and verbal aggression on the musicians of the island in the Iberian nation.

The day before, in Barcelona, in a fast food restaurant, a few meters from where their last concert took place, the duo maid a strong complaint in their social networks, stressing that they were the object of insults and physical aggressions, with death threats by enemies of the Cuban Revolution.

Cubainformacion published this Thursday, that the group of people with fascist attitudes harassed the musicians, in the midst of which several Cubans from the emigration, contrary to such actions, came to support the duo and created a security barrier between the musicians and the violent aggressors.

Finally a complaint was filed against the attackers, accompanied by a report of injuries’, the report added.

Buena Fe duo, and the rest of the musicians, performed in the popular neighborhood of Nou Barris in Barcelona and before that, in Mataró, Catalonia, where they had been invited by the CUP (Candidaturas de Unidad Popular), a political formation that wanted to express its support and solidarity to Cuba and its people.

After the violent event, which lasted almost 20 minutes, Buena Fe gave one of the most emotional concerts of his tour in Spain and Israel Rojas made an effusive plea against the US blockade of his homeland, as well as condemning fascism in its claims to act in the name of freedom’, he said.

A campaign promoted by the Spanish media in support of the Cuban musicians, resulted in the collection of more than 1,500 signatures as means of expressing their rejection to the unfortunate demonstrations against the Caribbean artists ‘concerts in Spain.

According to the original program of their tour, the duo will offer a free concert in Valencia next Monday, sponsored by the State Movement of Solidarity with Cuba, and finally in Madrid on the 3rd of June.

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