Cuban President calls for greater demands in Parliament

Cuban President calls for greater demands in Parliament
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25 May 2023
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Havana, May 25 (Prensa Latina) The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, stressed that the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP, Parliament) has to demand more for compliance with everything it approves.

On the second day of preparation of the deputies prior to a new special period of sessions in the tenth Legislature, the island’s president stressed this aspect is essential for the population to have confidence in compliance with each of the guidelines.

He announced that personally he will visit the municipality of Santa Clara on a monthly basis, the territory for which he was elected as a deputy, because the process of interaction with the residents is extremely enriching.

Díaz-Canel also referred to accountability, and that the results of this at the municipal level must be made known to voters to make the process in the Caribbean nation more democratic.

In the same way, he insisted that the accountability of the different structures must be carried out with a critical character and questioning the bad operations; and he indicated how vital it is currently to approve and execute budgets transparently.

He stressed that the National Assembly has to sit down to debate the issues that are of popular interest, and at the same time maintain a legislative schedule that should be more robust.

The president highlighted that the publication of bills on different platforms -prior to their approval- has enriched each regulation with the opinion of the population.

He also advocated the strengthening the government-people relationship, the work of the Central State Organs, as well as improving the selection and work with cadres.

He insisted on ideological strengthening, with a program designed against cultural colonization; in addition to the implementation of communication strategies that allow reaching the population without errors, with arguments and integrality.

He added that this X Legislature of the ANPP will be historic due to all the challenges that lie ahead, and that his work -he underlined- must be characterized by debate and the will to contribute, in order to get out of the complex situation of the country in the shortest possible time.

“The path is full of challenges and adversities that we must assume with a spirit of victory,” said the president.

Regarding the words of the Head of State, the President of Parliament, Esteban Lazo, said they represent a guideline in the actions and way of thinking of each of the deputies.

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