Cuban musicians in concert for peace and sovereignty

Cuban musicians in concert for peace and sovereignty
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14 November 2021
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The renowned band Buena Fe and singer songwriters Ray Fernandez, Arnaldo Rodriguez and Annie Graces joined this initiative called the Red Scarfs Sit-In, which included jams, performances, poetry reading, screening of documentaries and book presentations.

Other performers at Havana’s Parque Central were singer songwriters Eduardo Sosa, Rey Montalvo and Tony Avila, who sang for the nation, which used art as a banner to defend social peace, harmony and respect for the principles of the Cuban Revolution, despite attempts from the US to distort life in Cuba.

The event’s organizers highlighted its anti-imperialist nature and said “we are here for life, for equality, for an emancipating culture, Cuba’s sovereignty and its just cause.”

The Sit-In, organized for Saturday and Sunday, have had the support of representatives from different sectors of the Cuban civil society, who made public their position against the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States and the destabilizing campaign orchestrated in that country to subvert the order in Cuba.

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