Cuban IT project developed to fight Covid-19 wins award

Cuban IT project developed to fight Covid-19 wins award
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23 April 2022
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A Cuban project, developed by young people from the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI), won a prize at the World Summit on the Information Society 2022 (WSIS) Awards, it was announced on Saturday.

According to a tweet from the university, the Isolation Center Management System, designed to fight the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in Cuba, was the champion in the eHealth category of the event.

According to information available in Revista Cubana de Informática Medica, the project made it possible to digitalize the process of admission, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests and discharge of people in isolation at the academic institution, whose facilities were used for those purposes.

It also facilitated the management of data on more than 10,000 individuals over a period of approximately 6 months and their subsequent follow-up.

According to its website, the WSIS Awards were established in response to requests from stakeholders to create an effective mechanism to evaluating projects and activities that harness the power of information and communication technologies to promote sustainable development.

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