Cuban governors analyze economic progress

Cuban governors analyze economic progress
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6 April 2024
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The latest meeting of Cuban governors reportedly focused on distributing food to the population, the fuel situation, and the confrontation to the abusive prices.

During the meeting, held via videoconference, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero pointed out that Cuba is in a more favorable situation in the availability of all essential food products, fuel, and electricity generation.

However, Marrero warned that the quantities are not sufficient to activate the economy.

Regarding the distribution of the standard family food basket, he insisted on using alternatives in each territory to speed up deliveries to those households that have not yet received part of the supplies and to monitor the effective functioning in the ports.

The head of Government stressed that the effective control of prices requires integral actions adapted to each municipality’s particularities.

He emphasized the importance of the list of costs and expenses for products and services as a decisive tool in the price agreement between local governments and economic stockholders.

As part of the meeting’s agenda, Energy and Mines Minister Vicente de La O Levy updated participants on fuel availability.



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