Cuban film El hombre de Maisinicú on screen for 50th anniv

Cuban film El hombre de Maisinicú on screen for 50th anniv
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7 June 2023
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Havana, Jun 7 (Prensa Latina) The film "El Hombre de Maisinicú" (The Man from Maisinicú), one of the classics of Cuban cinema, will be screened on the 23 y 12 movie theater in this capital on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

This projection is part of the “Ojeada al Cine Cubano” section, with the expectation to see again a fiction film directed by Manuel Perez in 1973, the Cinemateca de Cuba posted on social media.

The cast includes renowned names such as Sergio Corrieri, Raúl Pomares, Mario Balmaseda, Adolfo Llauradó, Luis Rielo, and Reinaldo Miravalles, among other artists admired by Cuban audiences.

An added value of the film is the music, composed by Leo Brouwer and Silvio Rodríguez, Cinemateca de Cuba stressed.

The plot of this film takes place in the first months of 1964, in the Escambray mountains range in central Cuba, where the counterrevolutionary gangs survived.

Based on events that occurred in early 1960s, the film describes the personality of a State Security agent who has being infiltrated among the counterrevolutionary gangs in that mountain region.

The story tells the life of a peasant named Alberto Delgado who, in 1964, posed as the administrator of the Maisinicú estate to discover the activities of the so-called rebels against the Revolution.

“El Hombre de Maisinicú” was selected as one of the most significant fiction films screened at the Annual Critics Choice held in Havana in 1973.

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