Cuban economy minister highlights measures for development

Cuban economy minister highlights measures for development
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12 October 2020
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Havana, October 12 (RHC)-- The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Planning of Cuba, Alejandro Gil, said he was optimistic about the development of socialism, while specifying strategies to achieve it, despite the impact of U.S. punitive measures against the island.

Alejandro Gil gave these explanations on the prime time TV program Mesa Redonda, to begin a series of talks about the economic alternatives in Cuba.

The economy minister pointed out that when the strategy was designed, it was divided into two stages -- a first one whose central objective is health (with three phases since March) and a second one to boost the economy, starting from the implementation of a set of measures.

He referred to elements approved in the Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC).  He said that work is being done in all areas at the same time, based on the implementation of the strategy for this development in the so-called "new normal."

He announced in the program that 13 provinces out of the 15 on the island have an opening of economic activity, including Havana, the latter with certain particularities.  He insisted on the need to continue with a greater rhythm to those conditions for the economy.  That scenario is extremely important, according to Alejandro Gil.

It meant that the greatest advances occur in transportation, tourism and telecommunications, and he clarified that the strategy is not a list of tasks, but a set of profound transformations in the economy.

He said that it is always a matter of moving forward, for which it is necessary to seek the tools and mechanisms approved.  And the minister of economy pointed out five key elements: food production and marketing, incentives for exports, transformations in the business system, improvement of self-employment and management.

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