Cuban authorities announce pension benefits for victims of Saratoga accident

Cuban authorities announce pension benefits for victims of Saratoga accident
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13 May 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, May 13 (ACN) The National Institute of Social Security (INASS) is carrying out a centralized process of granting provisional and definitive pensions, in a quick way, for all the affected workers and relatives of the victims of the accident at the Saratoga hotel, without distinction of pension right

Virginia Marlen Garcia Reyes, general director of INASS, told the Cuban News Agency exclusively that the process will have the exceptionality of the law for the granting of extraordinary pensions, taking into account that not all the relatives of the deceased are eligible for pensions on a regular basis.

We intend to protect all the affected families without distinction, due to the transcendence and painful repercussion of the accident, she said.

A survey is being carried out in order to determine the calculation of the definitive pension based on the salary of each worker, Garcia Reyes added, and the affected areas will also be visited in order to interview the family members.

If all the information is gathered quickly, it is expected that those affected and their families will receive the definitive pension by June, she continued.

While this procedure is being carried out, specialists from the municipal branches of INASS will immediately protect the affected workers through the payment of a provisional pension, which consists of 100 % of the affected worker's salary.

The INASS management is working along with the Gaviota group to reconstruct the labor file of the injured workers, as well as taking measures aimed at guaranteeing the relocation of the affected workers and their families in search of employment.

In case of destruction of the deceased's employment file, an exceptional procedure will be carried out in order to immediately protect the family members.

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