Cuba validates national manometer for hypertension

Cuba validates national manometer for hypertension
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18 May 2022
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Havana, May 18 (Prensa Latina) Cuba carried out the clinical validation exercise of a homegrown automatic manometer that will contribute to the quality care for hypertensive patients at different levels of the healthcare system.

According to a press release from the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), Cuba continues promoting efforts to prevent and control arterial hypertension and among the most relevant activities this year was the recent approval of the digital sphygmomanometer produced here.

To that end, certified specialists met for several days at the Institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery in the Cuban capital to validate and verify that the automatic device complies with international standards.

“Cuba has the possibility of developing and putting into practice an automatic digital manometer, which will help to have a much-needed means for the control of chronic and non-chronic diseases,” he added.

According to the PAHO report, this action, which is part of the work linked to the HEARTS project, will make it possible to have a device validated according to international standards that will improve the quality of care for hypertensive patients.

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