Cuba seeks higher wages and more jobs in the face of economic reform

Cuba seeks higher wages and more jobs in the face of economic reform
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6 March 2021
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The elimination of wage distortions and the increase of employment in the productive sector are some of the immediate economic reorganization results underway in Cuba, official sources reported.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the Caribbean nation promotes training courses, and job offers as part of the Ordering Task, a measure that has benefited more than 80,000 Cubans between January 1 and March 3.

During that period, 76 020 people accepted employment options, while 4,508 were enrolled in training courses. Of the total number of new workers, 23,374 are young people, and 28,515 are women.

The information details that around 126 thousand Cubans have sought employment in the ministry's municipal offices.

The so-called Ordering Task includes, in addition to the elimination of the dual currency and exchange rate, the increase in the income of workers, pensioners, and social security beneficiaries, as well as the elimination of excessive subsidies and undue gratuities.

According to the authorities, one of the island's fundamental objectives' economic reform is to stimulate interest in work.

The Minister of the sector, Marta Elena Feitó, recently reported expanding to more than two thousand of the activities that self-employed workers (private sector).

Official statistics show that there are currently more than 600,000 employees in the private sector, a figure that represents 13 percent of the island's labor force.


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