Cuba recovers production of anti-cancer drugs

Cuba recovers production of anti-cancer drugs
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1 August 2022
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Havana, Aug 1 (Prensa Latina) After problems with financing, raw materials and supplies, Cuba is recovering its production of medicines used in the therapeutic treatment of patients with cancer and other invasive diseases, it was announced.

Of the total number of cytostatics, four are missing, of which three (Paclitaxel 300 mg/bulb, Methotrexate 50 mg/bulb, Fluorouracil 500 mg/bulb) will be solved in the current month.

These already have the raw material in the production plants, while Docetaxel 80 mg/bulb will continue to be in decline, Granma newspaper reported today.

The antineoplastic drugs Methotrexate 50 mg and Paclitaxel 300 mg, used for leukemia, autoimmune diseases, carcinomas and sarcomas, among others, had been out of stock for almost a year.

The first one has already been manufactured and is in the process of being released, which is expected to happen on Wednesday in order to start distributing it to hospitals. The raw material financed this year is enough for a general coverage of three months.

The production of Paclitaxel 300 mg is also starting, with a guaranteed coverage for about 70 days, which should be extended once the raw material arrives in Cuba.

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