Cuba paid tribute to Italian victim of terrorism

Cuba paid tribute to Italian victim of terrorism
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5 September 2022
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Havana September 4 (RHC) -- A floral offering by President Miguel Díaz-Canel accompanied the tribute to the young Italian Fabio Di Celmo, who died due to a terrorist act in Havana on Sunday, 25 years ago this Sunday.
At the Copacabana Hotel, the detonation of an explosive device on September 4, 1997, took Fabio's life at the age of 32. The event was perpetrated as part of the U.S. strategy to curb tourism development on the island.

The history of the Cuban Revolution has been marked by countless and varied terrorist actions designed by anti-Cuban groups operating with impunity in Miami for more than six decades, said the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples President, Fernando Gonzalez, at the commemorative event.

He also affirmed that these violent plans are perpetrated in the most diverse areas; military, economic, biological, diplomatic, psychological, media, espionage, sabotage, assassination attempts against leaders, and have caused the death of 3,478 people.

The tribute to Fabio Di Celmo was extended to Giustino Di Celmo, his father, who passed away on September 1, 2015.

The ceremony was also attended by workers and executives of the tourist facility, representatives of the Communist Party and Cuban institutions, and the Italian ambassador in Havana, Roberto Vellano; Livio Di Celmo, Fabio's brother, and nationals of that European country residing on the island.

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