Cuba hosts photographic exhibition inspired in Fidel Castro

Cuba hosts photographic exhibition inspired in Fidel Castro
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24 November 2021
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Havana, Nov 24 (Prensa Latina) Havana's Jose Marti Memorial is hosting the exhibition "Hasta siempre Fidel"(Castro), a photo exhibition created in the heat of the funeral honors dedicated to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Inaugurated on the eve of the fifth anniversary of his physical departure, the exhibition consists of a score of snapshots that are part of the homonymous book published by the Publishing Office of the Council of State in 2017.

“Hasta siempre Fidel” -the volume- contains 529 photos taken by 41 artists, 447 poems by 20 local poets and three foreign authors, as well as fragments of speeches by presidents, ministers and officials from different parts of the world.

For many days, several events have been held in Cuba to honor Fidel, including the presentation of the trilogy Un niño, un joven, un líder llamado Fidel Alejandro, by author María Luisa García, published by Editorial Verde Olivo.

Likewise, the virtual exhibition of photographs “Gracias por todo Fidel” (Thanks for everything Fidel) was inaugurated to the public at the ALBA Cultural House, while Casa de las Americas proposed the panel Fidel’s legacy on the socialist transition: some approaches to its validity in Cuba.

The Cuban Book Institute recalled the different facets of the commander-in-chief, including anecdotes about Fidel Castro, by Salomón Susi, while the National Council of Artistic Education designed a simultaneous gala in the National Art Schools.

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