Cuba to Host Rafael Somavilla Music Festival

Cuba to Host Rafael Somavilla Music Festival
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3 June 2023
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The western Cuban province of Matanzas will host the Rafael Somavilla Music Creator Festival, one of the most important events of its kind in the country, in November. According to the website, the Festival will be ideal to present works of any Cuban music genre to promote the creative art of Cuban composers and performers.


The event’s artistic director, Carlos Telot, noted that musicians have to go through a process of auditions at the Jose White Hall in Cardenas, on June 6, 7 and 8, and from there participants in the Festival, to take place at the Sauto Theater, a National Monument, will be chosen.


The competing works will be presented in audio format while the lyrics will be submitted either printed or written, so that the judges can analyze both items properly, he explained.


Telot commented that during the Festival, the best composition, interpretation and arrangements, all with the live accompaniment of the Casino Bellamar Jazz Band Orchestra conducted by Maestro Bruno Villalonga, will be awarded.


The Rafael Somavilla Music Festival pays tribute to one of Cuba’s most illustrious musicians and is an ideal event to showcase the art and talent of Cuban musicians.

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