Cuba highlights recognition of the United Arab Emirates

Cuba highlights recognition of the United Arab Emirates
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24 May 2024
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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, highlighted the delivery to Cuba by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) of the First Class Order Zayed II, in recognition of the island’s presidency in the G77 and China.

In his profile on X, Rodríguez affirmed that his country worked with commitment in favor of common interests of the South, the expansion of cooperation, and mutually beneficial relations with the rest of the world.

This Wednesday, the Special Representative to coordinate the presidency of the G77 and China, Pedro Pedroso, received the distinction in Abu Dhabi from the president of the UAE for the role played in the unification of the G77 and China around the project of negotiated outcomes of COP28, especially the global inventory.

Cuba assumed the presidency of the bloc in 2023, in an international context still affected by the socioeconomic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and the combined effect of multiple crises.

According to experts, during the period the group reaffirmed itself not only as the largest negotiating group of the United Nations, but as a fundamental actor for the necessary transformation of the current economic order, and demonstrated its ability to agree on importance issues for the common interest between Member States. 

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