Cuba has administered over 28.5 million anti-COVID-19 doses

Cuba has administered over 28.5 million anti-COVID-19 doses
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5 December 2021
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At the end of December 1, 28, 541,948 doses of the Cuban anti-COVID-19 Soberana 02, Soberana Plus and Abdala vaccines had been administered in Cuba, the Ministry of Public Health ( MINSAP by its Spanish acronym) reported today.

According to the MINSAP report, 10, 181,265 people have received at least one dose to date, including those vaccinated with Soberana Plus as a single dose, and 9,228,438 have already received a second dose, and 8,751,182 have received a third one.

A total of 82.7 % of the Cuban population, 9, 255,012 citizens, are fully vaccinated, the information, published on the health entity's website, added the report.

It highlights that a total of 381,063 people have already received anti-COVID-19 booster doses; of these, some 62,680 are part of the Clinical Study and 318,383 belong to the population of selected territories and at-risk groups.

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