Cuba favors ethical approach to artificial intelligence at UNESCO

Cuba favors ethical approach to artificial intelligence at UNESCO
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25 November 2020
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Cuban Permanent Delegate at UNESCO Yahima Esquivel on Tuesday expressed her country's support for artificial intelligence development from an ethical perspective.

When speaking at a virtual forum to tackle down on artificial intelligence challenges, Yahima Esquivel harped on the significance that this science highlights the value of solidarity and life in harmony, based on the benefit for humankind, sustainable development and peace.

According to the Cuban diplomat, UNESCO plays a pivotal role to promote the ethical use of updated tool and reduce digital and technological gaps, in order to prevent progress from further aggravating inequalities among nations.

In this regard, she urged to keep efforts to fight the discriminatory biases present in new digital tools, so that artificial intelligence does not reinforce stigmas and prejudices, with particular impact on the most vulnerable groups in society.


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