Cuba develops two new natural medicines

Cuba develops two new natural medicines
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3 November 2022
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Cuba has added to its list of medicines the Caña Santa and NutriSan tablets, two new products of natural origin conceived by the national biopharmaceutical industry.

Caña Santa is a drug of traditional use sold in drugstores as a fluid extract, and now produced in another format, made precisely from this liquid.

This medicine is sought after by people because of its antihypertensive properties, due to its diuretic action, among other health uses.

According to Granma daily, NutriSan are tablets made of brewer’s yeast, which are widely commercialized by the pharmaceutical industry worldwide due to their high nutritional value.

This yeast is obtained as a by-product of beer production, processed to incorporate it into pharmaceuticals and used as a human nutritional supplement.

Brewer’s yeast contains essential elements for the organism, such as B complex vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and an important content of dietary fiber, which give it a high protein value.

It is recommended as a nutritional supplement in deficiency states of the human body, and even as an anti-anemic.

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