Cuba condemns once more Israeli aggression against Palestine

Cuba condemns once more Israeli aggression against Palestine
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27 March 2024
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Cuban Ambassador to Lebanon, Jorge León, reaffirmed solidarity with the Palestinian people and denounced Israeli aggression and today's ongoing genocide in Gaza.

During a ceremony at the Palestinian Embassy in this capital, the Cuban diplomat expressed his condolences to the families and friends of the martyrs who fell in defense of their country and against Israel’s criminal practices.

According to León, the calculated insensitivity of US imperialism and its Western allies to the Palestinian cause is being crushed by the ever-growing international support that rejects the Israeli apartheid regime.

Incidentally, the Cuban diplomat supported stances by the Cuban Government, Parliament, and people in condemning the killing of civilians, especially women, children, and workers of the United Nations system. León rejected the indiscriminate Israeli bombardments against Gazan citizens, the destruction of homes, hospitals, and civilian infrastructure, and the deprivation of water, electricity, and fuel services, actions that violate international humanitarian law.

The Cuban ambassador denounced the illegal practices and continued colonization of Palestinian land by Israel and the complicit protection of the United States.

Organized by the Independent Nasserite Movement (Al Mourabitoun), the activity highlighted the support of Cuba, China, Russia, Algeria, and Tunisia to the Palestinians’ struggle for their rights and independence from Israel’s occupation.

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