Cuba appreciates European trade unions’ solidarity

Cuba appreciates European trade unions’ solidarity
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31 May 2023
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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez today thanked the resolution adopted by the European Confederation of Trade Unions condemning the inclusion of the island in the U.S. list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

On the last day of the 15th Congress of the Confederation, the initiative was approved at the proposal of the Spanish General Union of Workers, the Foreign Minister said on Twitter.

The text denounced that this denomination by Washington entails a clear prejudice not only for the Cuban population, but also for those European workers who serve in companies with activity in the Caribbean country.

The inclusion of Cuba in the aforementioned list means strong economic restrictions, such as limitations for commercial exchange or access to international financing, among other coercive measures that affect the Cuban economy and the living conditions of its population’, detailed the resolution.

Such limitations seriously affect the possibility of promoting international cooperation policies for development on the island, including support for the most urgent needs of its citizens.

It also stressed that this type of unilateral economic sanctions against Cuba, which lack international support, as demonstrated by the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly, do not produce the effects proclaimed by their promoters and only serve to maintain the status quo and further deteriorate the economy and living conditions on the island.


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