Cuba and Venezuela will never surrender to the US

Cuba and Venezuela will never surrender to the US
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26 July 2021
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President Nicolás Maduro assured Sunday that Cuba and Venezuela will never surrender or get on their knees before the US empire.

In his usual Sunday presidential activity, the president reiterated what he said Friday in an interview with Telesur television station, where he expressed his opinion on what has happened in Cuba in the last few weeks and the effects of the blockade on the Caribbean nation.

He assured that after July 11, two interesting processes had been triggered: the blossoming of solidarity towards the island and a process of self-reflection of the Cuban society.

The Cuban people have been subjected to an experiment of social, collective, and economic torture, with no antecedent', he said, while drawing a parallel between the riots reported in Cuba with political violence events recorded in the recent history of the South American nation.

Maduro, in his exchange with the multinational network, emphasized the majority world support in favor of the sovereignty and self-determination of the Caribbean nation; 'Cuba has the support of the world, it has awakened solidarity with greater passion', said the dignitary.

The Cuban people have the strength and morale to recover from any aggression', said Maduro while ratifying the commitment to strengthen bilateral cooperation relations in the areas of health and food.

In his statements to Telesur, on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the Caracas-based multinational network, the Venezuelan president stressed the importance of consolidating integration processes in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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