Cuba and Iran ratify excellent intergovernmental ties

Cuba and Iran ratify excellent intergovernmental ties
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29 June 2021
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Cuban and Iranian parliamentarians ratified Monday the excellent intergovernmental ties existing between both nations and their mutual coincidence on several issues of the international agenda.

During a virtual meeting, the parliamentary representatives of Havana and Tehran discussed the possibilities of strengthening bilateral economic-commercial relations in different fields, on the progress of prevention and confrontation to the COVID-19 and the development of vaccine candidates in the two nations, reported the official website of the Cuban Parliament.

The lawmakers of the Persian nation reiterated their condemnation of the US blockade on the Cuban people, a policy of interference intensified during the administration of Republican Donald Trump, with the imposition of 243 coercive measures.

Cuba and Iran re-established diplomatic relations on August 8, 1979. The Caribbean nation was one of the first countries to recognize the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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